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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gordon Brown and ATM police escorts

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Is it my imagination, or is the prime minister getting sillier by the day? I don't normally get political on this blog, but today, I feel obliged to say I don't like Gordon Brown, never have, never will, and I also think he's an ass. That said, I'm also grateful I live in a country that allows me to call the PM an ass, without the risk of being banged up in jail for doing so. It's not all bad.

The reason I'm railing against Gordon Brown today, is because of his latest suggestion. He believes that police officers should walk the last mile home with anyone who feels unsafe after using the cashpoint or ATM, whatever you prefer to call it.

As noble as Mr. Brown's sentiment appears on a first perusal, in reality, it's preposterous. In a time of recession, when policing budgets are getting slashed, and serious crime abounds, where on earth does Mr. Brown think these police officers will emanate from? The ether? The ghosts of police officers past?

Police services across the UK are stretched beyond capacity, fighting the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on anti-social behaviour, the war on knife-crime, and a whole host of other battles against the nasty little thugs who prowl our streets. How does Mr. Brown think the police will find the time to provide these escorts?

I can imagine it now. I'm standing outside the bank, my card and money having just been spat out by the machine, and give the local police station a quick call.
'Hello, I need a police officer to walk me home from the bank, as I've just taken my last tenner out and I'm scared someone might rob me'.

'Very well, Madam. Just wait outside, and an officer will be along sometime in the next 48 hours, to escort you home'.
The bottom line is this, Mr. Brown: the police don't have the time, you silly man, to provide a general escort service to any member of the public who is feeling a little nervous. We, the general public, do not have the luxuries afforded to you, as prime minister, such as enhanced security, police escorts on demand, etc. Get real, get a grip, and get someone else to do your job. Now.
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Dragonstar said...

The man's mad!