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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lovely day - plus a mini-rant

I've just had a really nice afternoon. Wayne had some time to kill before work, so we went to Pets at Home, along with Jake, where I bought the little fellow a big bag of doggy pick 'n mix - some Gravy Bones and Mini Markies. Much to Jake's delight, I dropped a couple on the floor as I was scooping them into a bag, so he got a few freebies. Then, we headed for the Comet store at Llansamlet, to pick up the sat nav I reserved yesterday.

Wayne then dropped us down at SA1, before heading off for work. We walked around SA1 for a good bit, before crossing the river by the barrage, into the Marina. It was just nice to walk somewhere that wasn't littered with broken glass and dog mess. I'm sick of walking around my neighbourhood, having to yank Jake away from smashed bottles and uncleaned dog mess.

What's so damned hard about cleaning up dog poop? If I can manage to scoop it up, with my arthritic back, I'm sure the dirty beggars who allow their dogs to foul everywhere could do likewise. Dog poo bags don't cost much. In fact, forget dog poo bags - just buy a pack of ASDA Smartprice nappy bags - or any other supermarket equivalent. They cost 70-75p for 300. That's a lot of poops!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now - sorry it's not more exciting!


Dragonstar said...

I so agree with you! I always kept a selection of small plastic bags in my pocket when I was dog-walking (in fact, I still have a couple "just in case") We have a neighbour who once said to me "You pick it up? Oh, I couldn't do that!" No, she takes her dog to the school playing field and lets him loose! Grrrr!!!

Siani said...

The school playing field? That's just utterly selfish, irresponsible and disgusting. There really is no excuse. Has she never heard of toxicariasis?

LadyBanana said...

It makes me feel so cross when I see dog owners walk away from the doggie droppings, especially in the small local park I walk through on my way to work, the only place local kids have to play..

Liz said...

Dog poo bags don't cost anything if you recycle small plastic carriers or take handfuls every time you pass a council dog-bag thingy!

Seeing Dragonstar's comment reminds me of when the boys used top play football on a Saturday morning. One day we were standing at edge of the pitch and a man with a dog walked past. The dog pooped on the pitch and the man just ignored it completely!! As I always had bags on me I very deliberately and obviously went and picked it up. But he couldn't have cared less.