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Friday, April 10, 2009

Jake's haircut, plus other miscellanea

I don't seem to have much time for blogging since my cousin, Wayne, moved in. I'm determined to make the time, though. Worse yet, I've barely had any time for visiting other blogs - something I really miss doing. I'm going to try to play catch-up over the weekend.

Nothing especially major has been happening. Jake had a big makeover on Wednesday. His fur was becoming impossible to groom. He has a short, rough undercoat, which unfortunately tangles really badly when it grows into the long, outer coat. It's incredibly hard to groom, because the more I brush and comb him, the more static it seems to generate in his coat, leading to even more knots. So he had to have a close crop at the groomer's. I didn't think it would be this close, though, and can't wait for it to grow a little bit. But at least I can see his eyes now.

Here he is, relaxing on the sofa with Liberty. There was strong sunshine streaming in through the window behind them, so these shots aren't as good as I would have liked them to be.

Liberty always makes sure she has an elevated position - perfect for swatting the head and nose of a cheeky little dog, if he oversteps her boundaries.

Not quite sure what he's looking at in this shot. Oh well, he's still a handsome boy, even without his lovely coat. Pretty as it is, it would be unfair to keep his coat long now that the weather's warming up, even if he wasn't getting all knotty.

Right, I have to take Jake out in a few minutes' time. When I get back, I'm going to try to visit as many of my regular blogs as I can.


jams o donnell said...

Aww he looks so cute Siani!

Siani said...

Thanks - he really is an adorable little fellow, bright as can be and full of beans. He's also very loving, and as well behaved as a young dog can be.

Dragonstar said...

Jake's an absolute love Siani! He looks really sweet with his hair short like that - like a little woolly barrel! It's nice to be able to see his sweet face, too.

Siani said...

He's a lovely little chap, he really is. He's fast asleep at the moment, worn out after his long walk. Peace at last!

LadyBanana said...

He looks lovely all tidy and trimmed now :)