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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jake at Port Eynon - still shots

Here are a few still shots of Jake at Port Eynon. Here he is before he got too stinky - apart from some sand around his face.

Getting wetter and grubbier by the moment.

Investigating some kind of marine life. A sponge? No idea what it is, animal, vegetable or mineral.

Jake inspected it well, a puzzled look on his face the whole time.

When it refused to play, or communicate in any way, Jake got decidedly bored.

I had him back on his lead by this time, as I had to get back to the bus stop, and I grabbed him when the opportunity presented itself. He has a habit of running away when he knows I want him back on the lead, so I tempted him with some food, and quickly leashed him up. I stopped at the ice cream kiosk at Port Eynon, before heading to get the bus. I can thoroughly recommend the Caribbean coconut flavour - delicious. Soon afterwards, we were on the way to Rhossili.

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