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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The phantom humper strikes again

I've had to have serious words with young Jake this evening. He tried humping my leg in the kitchen, so I pushed him off and walked away. The little beggar ran after me, grabbed my leg and tried again. So I clapped my hands loudly and yelled 'no'. It worked - for a few minutes. I headed into the living room with a coffee. No sooner had I sat on the couch, than he leapt up and tried his amorous nonsense with my arm. When I shoved him off, he hung on and growled, so I gave him a firm push off, got up and walked away. When he tried to follow, I very forcefully said 'no', stopped him getting back on the sofa, and insisted he retired to his cushion. I intend investigating how much neutering costs at the local vet. It may only cost £30 at the PDSA, but I don't fancy fighting off a loved-up Shih Tzu for the next six or seven weeks. Apart from his 'urges', he's a marvellous little fellow!


LadyBanana said...

Ohh poor little fella, he has his needs LOL

I'm getting Mabel spayed this week at a vet, it's about £50..

Well the actual spaying is £8.00, it's the anaesthetic that's costly!

Aileni said...

He seems all too corporeal.

Anonymous said...


Try Gibson & Jones, the vets at Gowerton.
They are not QUITE so money grabbing as thas lot at Sketty.

They are right on the cross roads before you head out to Crofty.


Dragonstar said...

Poor Siani! Living with a sexed-up adolescent is no fun!