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Thursday, January 08, 2009

EngleJake Humpaleg strikes again

The serial humper grabbed my leg again - and this time it was in a public place. Oh the shame! I tried to walk away, but he ran up behind me and tried it again. So I reprimanded him, stuck him back on his leash, and reined him in tightly, making him walk briskly by my side. He got the message. However, getting the message this time doesn't mean he won't try it again. I called a few vets, but it seems I'll have to pay between £95-£105 to get him neutered, as opposed to £30 at the PDSA. So it looks like I've got a few more weeks, at least, of Jake thinking I'm a lady-dog. Perhaps I may be able to buy an inflatable lady Shih Tzu for him in the meantime...


Dragonstar said...

LOL at the inflatable!

gemmak said...

Oopsss....sorry, really, I didn't giggle! Will your vet not let you pay in installments, quite a few do these days, maybe worth asking anyway :o) word verification 'word is 'FOODDOG'!!!

LadyBanana said...

That's very expensive for neutering!

I guess it's cheaper for cats, Mabel's spay was £50 and the chipping £30.

On the invoice though the actual spay was only £8.00, it was the anaesthetic that cost the rest!