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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sitting around

So, I'm sitting around waiting for Asda, the UK's branch of Walmart, to deliver a load of groceries. Liberty and Alfie are like a pair of rebellious residents at an old folks' home, deliberately tormenting each other. She keeps strutting past him, making sure he knows she's there. He runs up to her, all bright-eyed, his tail wagging, and she starts reading the riot act to him. Then he retreats a little, she gives chase, then he turns around and runs at her, and she retreats to a high spot just out of his reach. He's at least 10, possibly 12, the daft dog, and the cat's almost 15. Taking those facts into consideration, it's good to see they still have a bit of fun left in them.


Dragonstar said...

The pair of lunatics! If you asked them, they'd tell you they're just keeping you entertained while you wait!

John said...

Great that an adult dog and adult cat have taken to each other so well.

Liz said...

Good on them both!