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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Help! Alfie's a persistent beggar

Does anyone know how to deal with a begging dog? I've looked after dogs in the past, but they knew the score. If they were told 'no', and 'lie down', they did. I've tried saying 'no' loudly (he's hard of hearing), I've tried ignoring him, and I've tried walking away. The instant he smells food cooking, he starts to bark and beg, and simply will not shut up. If I leave the room, he simply stands in the kitchen, barking. I must have lost half a stone at least this week, because I've barely cooked/eaten anything, as I find his behaviour so irritating.

The problem I have, is he's old and set in his ways. I suspect his previous owner used to feed him tidbits from his plate. The dog certainly seems to get very excited and very demanding when I'm eating. I refuse to give in to him, as this will make him even worse. Do I simply need to keep on ignoring him? It's very hard to avoid a woofing spaniel. For a dog who only weights 8.8 kilos, he's got one heck of a loud bark. This is the only aspect of him I'm finding very hard to deal. I know how to train a puppy not to beg, but not a dog who is set in his ways.


Anonymous said...

Very glad about your neighbour.
I know it would be bad practise with a young dog but perhaps having nibbles available would not be a crime if it brought peace.

Dragonstar said...

Is there any way you can give him a small amount of something as a "treat" when you're about to eat, so you can eat together? Or maybe you could market him as a weight-loss formula!

John said...

I'd try feeding him just about when you start preparing your own meal. It might well not work, but worth a go.

Liz said...

difficult. Save him something for the end of the meal? Maybe he'll learn. Or as Aileni says, he's old, maybe a nibble or two - a carrot?! - would keep him quiet?