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Friday, September 05, 2008


Is it ever going to stop? It's been relentless this week. Every radiator in my flat has wet clothes draped over it. I'm not talking laundry, but clothes I've worn to take the dog on a 10-minute walk. I got utterly drenched this morning. In fact, I ended up getting really freaked out. The rain I got caught in was so heavy, my eyes filled with water and I couldn't see where I was going. At the time, I was trying to walk down some very steep steps, carrying a wet, wriggling dog. To make matters even worse, the horridly damp conditions have caused a nasty flare-up of my arthritis. So I'm waddling around with the gait of a drunken hobo who's just pooped their pants. Very elegant! Is this hateful weather ever going to end?


Dragonstar said...

Constant damp weather is so bad for your arthritis, and going out in the rain makes it worse (like you need me to tell you that!) Any chance you could get lightweight waterproofs to keep your clothes dry? Alfie's not going to worry about the rain - he's a dog! And don't wet dogs smell like wet dogs.

Anonymous said...

Try Millets - they used not to be too expensive.
Incidentally, your 'Look' is more - 'what did you say !?' than vampire. It should defeat quite a few spammers.
I could always snarl without my denture - I have two great fangs!

John said...

It did stop raining for about an hour up at this end of Wales a while back - but your lot has evidently moved up here now...

Liz said...

I am an expert in that look!

I see aileni suggests Millets: they're not in town anymore. i only found that out recently when i was looking for them1