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Friday, September 05, 2008

Hoping to get a mortgage?

Recently, one of my friends found his ideal house. He totally fell in love with it, and had his heart set on moving on. Unfortunately for him, a few years ago, he got into a little bit of financial bother during his student days. He'd forgotten all about it, but it meant he couldn't get a mortgage in time to buy his dream home.

If you have a less than perfect credit score, but would like to secure a mortgage with which to buy your dream home, AdvantageHomeRates can help you. With the current credit crunch, most mortgage lenders will either deny a mortgage to someone with a poor credit history, or will lend to them at a punitive rate. Advantage can help you find an affordable mortgage, even with a low credit score, which will put you on the road towards repairing your credit rating.

Unlike a lot of financial sites, Advantage also offers consumers advice about how to avoid or repair poor credit scores. The site even explains the different tiers of credit score, and what they mean. I've not seen this valuable information in too many other places.

Another aspect of the site I really like, is the information it provides to self-employed persons who are seeking a mortgage. It explains the pitfalls the self-employed are likely to encounter when seeking a mortgage, and also offers advice on how to deal with such pitfalls. Best of all, initiating the mortgage application process is very simple, and involves filling out a short form, in order to receive a call-back from a mortgage professional. So, if your credit history is less than perfect, but you would like a mortgage, make AdvantageHomeRates your first port of call.

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Jim said...

Hi Siani,

I hope you read this reply to the comment you made on my photo blog

Oh I wish we could have met at Langland. I've been down there for a swim today and every day this week.

I'm having a week off to see what responses I get. I really need to get a new camera and the one I want with a good lens is very expensive. I have a compact which is fine for grandchildren and family shots but if I continue the blog I'll certainly get a new camera. On top of that I am off sick with tendonitis of left elbow and my wife is away for two weeks with my son and his family in Norway. So all in all I need a week off the blog to collect my thoughts. I thought 5,000 posts was a suitable point to stop for a while.

I really do appreciate your feedback and thanks for taking the time to write.

PS. I am also running this website now ... see the "About us" section.

Best wishes to you,


Siani has left a new comment on your post "5,000":

Ooh no! Please don't stop. I rarely comment, but enjoy your pics very much - I've subscribed to your blog in Google Reader. BTW, I saw you and your wife at Langland a couple of weeks ago, but you both whizzed by too quickly for me to introduce myself.