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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ouch upon ouch!

I took Alfie on his morning walk around 11 this morning, and was quite happily wandering through the local park, when I suddenly felt my feet skidding and going from under me. The next thing I know, I'm hitting the deck.  I spread out my hands, and landed with them spread out on the ground. I sustained a slight scrape to my elbow and forearm, and it would have been a text book fall, but for one thing. I came down hard on my dreaded arthritic knee. 

Pain is too weak a word for what I felt. Rip-roaring agony, more like. To make matters even worse, I dropped Alfie's lead. I couldn't get up, and could see my half-blind, half-deaf old dog heading for a fairly busy road. Luckily, he became aware that I was no longer on the end of the lead and stopped by the park gate, whining and looking bewildered. I managed to crawl to a raised, walled flower border, and hoist myself up, before hobbling after the dog and grabbing his lead. 

I checked the ground to see what had caused me to slip, and the path was slick with green, slimy moss. Needless to say, I got on the phone to the council immediately after I got home. They called me back shortly afterwards, to apologise and assure me they would get someone out ASAP, to clean the moss off the paths.

Apart from the tumble, it was quite a pleasant walk. We saw a squirrel scampering along with a bundle of leaves in its mouth, and we met a lovely little Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a ruby girl. I think Alfie fell a little in love with her!

I don't think I sustained any further damage to my knee, I'm pleased to say. I guess I'll have a big bruise, to go with the scrapes on my right elbow and both knees, but I think I got off quite lightly, thankfully. Not looking forward to going shopping though. Ugh. I bet some fool bashes me with a supermarket trolley.


Dragonstar said...

Oh Siani! There's never anyone around when you need help, is there? I'm so glad you and Alfie survived. When you go shopping, take a trolley yourself - useful support! - and use it aggressively!!!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Just reading this hurt.
I have had a good few falls in my life with little effect, but now the least thing to jar me is like an electric shock.
There is a gel called Fastum which works for Meri and stephen. Iseem to be allergic to it so I use Radian B to good effect.
Hope the pain does not linger.

Daisy said...

I'm glad you did not get badly hurt, and that Alfie did the right thing and waited for you!

LadyBanana said...

Ouchy, not only painful but quite scary seeing your doggie running off.. good he knew to wait though. Hope you're pains are improving now :)