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Friday, September 12, 2008

Digital Photo Frames

As my regular readers know, I love gadgets. At the moment, I've got most of the ones I want - apart from one. I really fancy getting a digital photo frame. Like most people nowadays, I shoot photographs in digital format. Although I always intend to get my photos printed, somehow, I never seem to get around to it. So, I've been thinking that maybe a digital photo frame is the best option for me to transport and display my images, rather than carrying around photo albums and printed images.

If you check out Digital Photo Frame Central, you'll find a wide variety of digital photo frames. They come in a number of sizes and formats. For example, there are tiny, 1.5 inch keychain photo frames that you can carry around with you. Despite their tiny size, they can store 8 MB of images - around 80 standard digital images. 

Premium models can have screens up to 15 inches in size - that's about the size of my laptop screen. The AV Labs 15 inch screen model, available from Digital Photo Frame Central
even allows you to watch movies and listen to music, as well as viewing your images. It also comes with a wireless remote control. The great thing about digital photo frames is that you can also add your own choice of music to your image slideshows. Many of them also come with an integral card reader, so uploading your digital images to them is an absolute cinch. I'm sure my Australian readers will also be pleased to hear that Digital Photo Frame Central is offering free shipping to the whole of Australia at the moment.

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