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Saturday, August 16, 2008

PhotoHunt: Colorful

It's Saturday, which means it's day. For once, I actually remembered! Today's theme is Colorful - or Colourful, as we Brits normally spell it.

Some of you may have seen one or two of these images before. I've just bought a new laptop, and don't have any of my images on it yet. So I've raided my Picasa web albums for these.

This first shot shows some red valerian, which grows freely on walls in most coastal areas of the UK.

Here's a big swathe of red valerian growing on a wall in a local coastal village called Langland.

These pretty yellow flowers are celandines. They're wild flowers which bloom during springtime.

Here's a close cousin of the celandine, the buttercup, also a springtime wild flower.

The next few shots are of plants I have in my garden. This pink perennial is a hardy geranium, or cranesbill, not to be confused with the unrelated annual geranium, which is a member of the pelargonium family.

This pretty purple flower is called campanula carpathica, and hails from the Carpathian mountains. It grows on my garden walls, with this clump having seeded itself on some nearby steps.

Sadly, I no longer have this African daisy in my garden. It was killed off by frost.

This flower is St. John's Wort, or Rose of Sharon, as it's also known. The plant has healing properties and its extract can be used to make a natural anti-depressant.

This last one is fleabane, although I have no idea if it really does chase fleas away. I have a huge clump of it growing on my front wall, but this image was taken of someone else's fleabane.

That's my PhotoHunt for today. Have a great weekend!


jennyL said...

wow lovely and colorful flowers you have here, i love the last flower though. Happy weekend !!


mistyeiz said...

o WOW!! my mum would go nuts if she saw all these flowers!! absolutely gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

great to see you putting such colourful shots up again. I do like Valerian, don't see it here.

Anonymous said...

Lovely flower shots and really colorful.
I do believe St. John's Wort and Rose of Sharon are two different plants. In fact the Rose of Sharon is a shrub. I know as I have several in my back yard. I haven't seen a St. John wort flower before.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos really well thought of you have a great talent for photographs

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful pictures Siani.
As Diadsie says, in America the Rose of Sharon is a different plant, but over here it's another name for St John's Wort. Tutsan is another relative, and I love them all.

Liz said...

I didn't know rose of sharon was st johns wort.

I didn't recognise the valerian close up but then I realised it's the one that smells of cat pee!

Beautiful photos and very colourful.

jams o donnell said...

Great shots Siani ... I love celandines and valerians I leave them to grow happily in our flower beds. Happy weekend

pelfy said...

Lovely colourful pictures. Do take a peep at my post if you have time. Happy weekend.