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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I may adopt a dog!

I'm seriously thinking about adopting an elderly Cavalier King Charles from the local RSPCA animal shelter. Haven't made a decision yet, plus I need to get the landlord's permission. I'm going to meet the dog sometime soon. His name is Clancy, and you can see him here.

If I do adopt him, I know I probably won't have him very long, as his estimated age is 10-12. He's been at the kennels about three months, because most people are looking for a younger pet. I spoke to one of the people at the shelter, who knows him very well, and she said he came in as a cruelty case. The owner wasn't prosecuted, as he was elderly and unable to care for himself, yet alone a dog.

I need to have a good, long think about this, as it's a huge commitment. But he has a sweet face, and I've been told that he has a personality to match. Goodness knows how the cats would react, though!


Daisy said...

It would be a special thing to make his last years happy!

Liz said...

That would be so lovely of you. And he would reward you with such love.

Dragonstar said...

That's such a sweet and brave thing to do. If you decide it's the right thing to do, I hope it all goes well. What about Leo?