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Friday, August 15, 2008

Make money with Bloggerwave

A few people have left comments on this blog, enquiring about sponsored blogging. A popular query is whether it is worth the effort. To be honest, it depends who you sign up with. Some sponsored blogging networks have very few campaigns for you to take advantage of. Others expect you to write long posts for very little remuneration. But if you choose wisely, you will make money.

One site I've signed up with recently, is Bloggerwave. The minimum you will be paid with Bloggerwave is $10 per post. The minimum word requirement is generally only 50 words, too. In addition, payment is prompt and reliable. Although I've not had as many opportunities with Bloggerwave as some of the others, the better than average pay-out per post makes up for that. So, if you fancy trying some sponsored blogging, check out Bloggerwave.

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