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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feeling nervous

The lady from the RSPCA is coming here around tea-time, to do the the pre-adoption home visit. I keep having nightmare visions of her saying 'this flat is vile, you're vile, and I wouldn't send a rat to live here'. Silly, I know. Mary, the lady who's carrying out the home check, is very nice. All she'll want to see, I suppose, is if my garden is enclosed, which it is, and to see if the other pets on the premises are in good shape - and they are, especially Demon Kitty Leo. I guess I'm just suffering pre-adoption nerves.

Hopefully, the shelter will be open tomorrow, so I can go and collect my new friend. I'll probably bore you to tears over the next couple of weeks with doggy pics, and loads of inane posts saying 'guess what my clever little doggy did today? He had a poo! Isn't that clever?'

Please bear with me!


Daisy said...

Best of luck! I know you will do great. I think she will like to see all the things you have already bought to prepare for him.

Dragonstar said...

All fingers crossed! You're about to become the bosom buddy of a darling dog. I do hope you can collect him tomorrow!