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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe

I absolutely love seafood. It's an excellent, low fat source of protein. Trouble is, I don't really know much about preparing and cooking it. So I did a little online research and discovered It's a great site for any seafood enthusiast. Essentially, it details a cook off contest held in New Orleans, and also gives the full recipes for the dishes created by the contest's five finalists.

My favourite recipe just has to be the Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella. I really like the fact that the recipe is made wholly from fresh ingredients, with an emphasis on locally sourced produce. Despite being created in Colorado, by chef, Paul Anders, the dish has a distinct Mediterranean character, with lots of strong flavours and bright colors. I also love Mediterranean food, so it's like a culinary dream come true for me.

The recipe features many of my favorite ingredients, such as ciabatta bread, olives, lemon, tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, basil and mint. I would have to change the recipe a little. I would use sea bass, as I cannot purchase Colorado hybrid Striped Bass in my neighborhood. I would also omit the beer from the Crispy Eggplant batter, or substitute an alcohol-free version. But I should imagine it would taste just as wonderful.

Wherever you live, the benefits of using locally sourced, sustainable seafood, are immense. Seafood is healthy and tastes wonderful. Locally caught produce is much fresher, as it hasn't been travelling around for hours. Buying locally sourced fish means that you're not only helping the local economy, but you're also helping the environment. Buying local means there will be less trucks on the road, transporting produce from one place to another. If you only buy fish from sustainable sources, you will be helping to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the marine environment.

Why not click one of the links above and visit the cook off site? The recipes are pretty straightforward, and can be prepared by anyone, with a minimum of fuss. Better yet, you can vote for your favorite recipe, and enter a contest to win a fabulous trip to New Orleans, including flights, accommodation, and other goodies.

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