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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Doggy delayed!

I was hoping to collect my doggy tomorrow. But the RSPCA lady said I can't bring him home until I've gated off two lots of stairs. I don't suppose anyone in the Swansea area has a couple of baby gates going cheap? I spotted a pair for a fiver in the Evening Post yesterday, but they'd already gone. Damn and blast!


Dragonstar said...

Oh, what a shame! I hope you get the gates soon. Try Freecycle?

LadyBanana said...

Are dogs not able to manage stairs?

Siani said...

I've already put out an appeal via Freecycle - nothing so far, but still hoping.

Generally, healthy dogs can manage stairs. But as Clancy was neglected, he can only see 3-4 feet ahead of him, plus he has quite bad muscle wastage in his back legs, which affects his coordination. He can get up steps with very little difficulty. If he tries to walk down even one step, he makes a very wobbly landing, and would lose his balance and fall headlong down a whole flight, bless him. So I'll be doing a lot of dog-carrying!