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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are you normal or nuts?

Are You Normal or Nuts? Come on, admit it, most of us have wondered, at some point in our lives, whether we are normal or nuts. I know I have. I've even pondered whether I'm normal or nuts to even be wondering whether I'm normal or nuts - if that makes sense.

Human beings are full of odd little quirks. We all have tales to tell of the peculiar little foibles of friends, relatives or work colleagues, but we often can't see our own quirky side.

I was browsing the Reader's Digest website recently, when I came across an article entitled 'Normal or Nuts'. The article details a number common foibles or quirks, and presents a psychological evaluation of each one. One of the quirks I like, is where someone simply cannot eat certain foods in front of strangers, especially food that comes in large pieces or is messy. I simply cannot eat spaghetti in front of anyone, no matter how well I know them. If I eat spaghetti when I'm alone, I never make a mess, But I just KNOW that if I have company, I'll be covered in sauce in no time.

Another quirk I like is the one where people refuse to step on the cracks in tiles or paving stones. It's so silly! Do they think they'll get swallowed by the cracks? But I can hardly criticize them for that. A local bus service used to bear the service number 666. I absolutely and utterly refused to get on it. It was the only direct route to a particular place, but I would sooner take three separate buses, and arrive ninety minutes later, than get on that Satanic bus.

So, come on, it's confession time. Are You Normal or Nuts?. Do you have any peculiar little quirks. I've shared mine, so how about telling me a few of yours? If you click the link to read the article, you may be surprised to learn that the little foible you thought was an indication of your madness, is, in fact, perfectly normal behaviour. Even if you discover that your little quirk has a slight ring of nuttiness to it, you could always cheer yourself up by visiting Reader's Digest Laughs.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am somewhere on the Asperger spectrum which explains a lot about me. It explains alot about me to me - things I just suffered through. I think I'll give RD a miss, I have enough to go on with.