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Friday, July 25, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Most regular readers of this blog are aware that I suffer from arthritis. One of the knock-on effects of this arthritis, is carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of my symptoms include aching, tingling, pins and needles, swelling, numbness, a burning sensation, or pain in my hand and fingers. Only fingers served by the median nerve are affected by the condition, namely the thumb, the index and middle fingers, and to a lesser extent, the ring finger. Pain can also radiate upwards along my forearm. It's just my left hand that's affected, with pain mainly spreading from my thumb, into my wrist, and a little way up my forearm.

Most of the time, the pain killers I take for my arthritis controls the pain. But there are days when powerful medication either upsets my stomach, makes me drowsy and/or nauseous, or gives me a painfully dry mouth. On days like this, I have to lay off the medication and find an alternative means of carpal tunnel relief. I've tried wearing wrist splints, rubbing in anti-inflammatory gels and applying ice packs, but the splints and ice lead to greater discomfort, and the gels seem to stop working after a while. Heat-generating ointments help the pain, but they're greasy, and have a persistent odor, which is hard to wash off. Have you ever tasted a heat ointment-flavored sandwich? I have, and it's not nice.

I'm thinking of trying out the Imak Smart Glove. It relieves the pain of both carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, so it would be ideal for me. It can also be used by non-sufferers, to prevent development of carpal tunnel syndrome. It would be ideal for anyone whose work involves a lot of repetitive hand movement and/or hand stress. One thing that appeals to me about this product is the fact that it is ergonomically designed to ensure a wearer maintains the correct wrist position whilst working or resting. It is fully reversible, to fit the right or left hand, and also boosts circulation. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or other similar conditions affecting your hands, check out the Imak Smart Glove, for drug-free pain relief.


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