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Friday, July 25, 2008

Even more from St. Fagan's

I think I must be losing the plot. I promised, a couple of days ago, to post some more images from my St. Fagan's trip, later that day. Well, I uploaded the images, and saved the post as a draft, planning to finish off writing it after dinner. Dinner came and went, and I promptly forgot all about my post. Oh well, better late than never!

I don't remember where this old thatched cottage originally stood, but it looks incredibly old. Had the elderly gentleman sitting outside it been in old-fashioned dress, I would have been convinced I'd captured a shot of the original owner's ghost. No such luck, though!

This next shot shows a close-up of the low entrance to the cottage. Judging by the height of the door, I suspect people may have been a lot shorter in medieval times than they are today. I had to stoop to get inside it, and I'm only 5 ft 1.

I don't remember where this row of old cottages came from, either, but they were built for workers of some kind, either miners, quarrymen or iron workers, I think. They were very dark inside, but lovely and warm, as each contained a hearth with a blazing log fire. It was mid-March at the time of my visit, rainy, blustery and bitterly cold, so the log fires were a welcome sight.

I have two more batches of St. Fagan's images for you, as well as a single shot for this weekend's upcoming PhotoHunt. I originally intended showing that image in this post - until I realised it was ideal for PhotoHunt. Check back soon - I think you'll like the rest of my shots.

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Dragonstar said...

I'm loving all this! Can't wait for the next.