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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blogus interruptus

Sorry for the lack of posts here recently. The truth is - I just haven't felt like blogging. Also, I've been spending far too much time online, to the detriment of other aspects of my life. Things were getting a little unhealthy. During the break, I've managed to get a mountain of spring-cleaning done, as well as getting rid of the mess and clutter left by Hurricane Wayne. I've also embarked on a healthy eating program, whilst at the same time trying to be more active.

I hopped on the scales this morning, hoping to find I'd lost 3-4 pounds. To my utter shock, the healthy eating, mountains of housework, and increased number of walks has had a dramatic effect. In the space of about ten days, I have lost a whisker short of a stone. I'm not complaining. I also have a fair bit more energy than usual. All I've done diet-wise, is cut out junk food. I still allow myself a very occasional chocolate bar, but they're now limited to one or two a week, rather than one or two a day. I'm not a fan of salty snacks, such as crisps (potato chips in the US), so avoiding them has been no hardship. I've also cut back severely on the amount of red meat I'm eating, and have been eating much more fish, chicken and turkey. Cheese is also on my restricted list. I hate the reduced fat cheeses, so I'm just buying tiny portions of stuff I like, rather than suffering stuff I hate.

I'm surprised at how organised I've been about this healthy eating business. Everything I cook, I measure it out into individual portions. Any excess portions go in the freezer, so I'm not tempted to over-indulge. I have loads of food storage containers, so I may as well put them to good use. I've also discovered that home-made soups make great, low-fat tummy fillers. As I find it hard to make soup in small quantities, I'm making big batches and freezing individual portions. It's much healthier, cheaper and tastier than canned stuff. I always think of healthy eating as being expensive, but with a few wise buys and a bit of culinary skill, it's not hard to create healthy and tasty meals on a budget.

Anyway, I'm wittering and waffling now. Time to do my Nigella act in the kitchen, and cook up another batch of yummy soup. I may be back later. You have been warned...


LadyBanana said...

I think we all go through this feeling of not wanting to blog..

Just don't stay away too long!

As for the healthy eating, seems you are doing very well.. I keep starting and stopping. Something always comes along to mess it up, birthdays etc and now Easter.. gotta have some choccy at Easter!

Dragonstar said...

You're doing great with the weight and healthy-eating.

Blogging can take over your life if you let it. It's addictive!

Be well.

jams o donnell said...

Well done on the weighjt loss Siani. I really have to do similar myself. Perhaps I should ease up on teh old blogging too!

Misty Dawn said...

I need to do the healthy eating too. My problem is though - I need to gain weight. I struggle with being underweight, and it's not a good thing. However, I still need to focus on the health aspect, which I have never done (shame on me).