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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Father guilty of microwaving baby

How evil is this man? He tried to claim he was insane when he put his two-month old daughter into a microwave, and turned it on for 10-20 seconds. The jury didn't fall for his excuse. I hope this vicious, sorry excuse for a human being gets locked up for life, with no possibility of parole. Or if he is allowed to apply for parole, he should be forcibly sterilized, so he can't bring any more innocents into the world to torture, after he's released.

I can't understand how anyone could do something so vile. I'm not exactly the maternal type, but right now, I wish I knew how to build a man-sized microwave, so I could zap that b****rd in it for a couple of minutes, and then say to him: 'see how you like it, F***-face'. Hopefully, some vicious, but child-friendly fellow prisoners, who are missing their own kids, will mete out a bit of rough justice to him when he's locked up. Okay, I'll leave it there, because right now, I feel the urge to type a whole load of nasty expletives in reference to the subject.


LadyBanana said...

I reckon you gotta be some kind of crazy to even think of doing such a thing, that does not excuse him though.. he needs locking up for long time..

Misty Dawn said...

I was reading the first paragraph and saying out loud "they need to put that stupid S.O.B. sorry excuse for a human being in a microwave and make his eyes bulge out of his head.

Then, I read your second paragraph where you basically said the same thing and I was saying "WooHooo Siani, we think alike!"

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

sooo horrible!
you know what... there are many parents like him here in Japan.

Some kill their abnormal children because they don't want to take care of them. Then they commit suicide.