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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Swansea Marina


Karen said...

Very nice! I love how the archway literally frames the whole picture.

Write From Karen

jams o donnell said...

Nice photo Siani. Happy WW

Villager said...

Happy WW! That looks like a busy port...

You are invited to learn more about Villager on my WW meme today!

peace, Villager

Misty Dawn said...

Now this is a really awesome photo!

Natalie said...

You really do live in a beautiful place!

Utah Mommy said...

What a lovely shot you have here. Happy hearts day!
Hair Cut or Life Cut?
My Little Funny Boy

Gabriel said...

That's a beautiful pic, Siani.

Please come visit me and check my WW post for this week: First steps.

Happy WW!

Michelle Johnson said...

You framed Swansea Marina perfectly inside that window. Thanks for sharing such a nice photo. Happy WW~