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Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday

It's time for Manic Monday again. This week, Lisa has come up with a trio of Valentine's Day-themed questions. This is a little unfortunate. Y'see - I'm as romantic as a coyote. In fact, coyotes are probably far more romantic than I am. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go. Please don't think too badly of me for my bitter and twisted answers!

What is the most romantic movie that you've ever seen?

I really don't do romance, or watch romantic movies. And I rarely watch movies. If I do, I watch thrillers, sci-fi or action movies. Not very girlie, I know.

If you could be the lover of any person alive other than your current lover, who would you pick?

No-one! I don't have a lover, and right now, and for the foreseeable future, I don't want one. When I grow old, I want to be known as a mad old hermit who surrounds herself with animals and plants! My life experiences have taught me that most men are T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Sorry, boys - you just are!

What scents remind you of a loved one?

Make that ex-loved one. Scents? Exhaust fumes and burning rubber as he sped away for the last time, missiles falling all around him, still insisting there was an innocent explanation for the unclothed barmaid in his bed, and the various articles of a nature too adult to describe on this blog, strewn around the room.

So, y'see - I don't do romance. Happy Monday!


mharia said...

I actually prefer thrillers, sci-fi, or action movies, too! :D

so sorry about your experience (third answer), but there is definitely nothing innocent about having an unclothed barmaid (in your boyfriend's bed)!

Gabriel said...

Oh. I see. It looks like this weeks wasn't your favourite Manic Monday ever...

This week's post is here.

Happy Manic Monday!!!

Michelle Johnson said...

Good morning, Siani! Though I am a sucker for love stories I also love to watch action, thriller and horror movies. The one's that can get your blood boiling and heart racing. An old hermit with plants/ animals, huh? I have to agree with mharia that there's nothing innocent about the barmaid in your boyfriends bed. I'm sorry about that incident. Have a nice day. Happy MM~

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. You're right..animals may be the better solution. *HUGS & SMILES*

Laura said...

Great answers!

I love #2, too funny.

Happy MM!