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Thursday, November 22, 2007

New species: the killer blimp-whale

I looked out through my window earlier, and saw a strange object on the sea. It was shaped like no marine vessel I've ever seen. The curvy, humped shape looked vaguely familiar. 'Whale!' I yelled, scrambling for my camera. I almost tripped over the broadband cable on the way. I've never seen a real, live whale before. As I raced to fire off my first shot of my first real, live whale, I thought 'oh no, it must be in trouble to come in so close to shore. I wonder if anyone else has seen it? Maybe I ought to call the RSPCA or the HM Coastguard or someone like that'. As I yanked aside the floaty voile curtain covering the window, trying to estimate how long it would take me to plod down to the beach, I had a clearer view of my whale.

I hate the local money-squandering, underhand and inefficient council as it is, but I now hate them even more. My first real, live whale turned out to be a bloody blimp, which appears to be tethered to council-owned property.

That said, I should have realised what it was, as it's been there at least a week. The first time I saw it, I yelled 'UFO!'. I never learn, do I?

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