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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not in the mood

I've so not been in the mood for blogging lately. I think the weather has had a lot to do with that. I've not been anywhere or done anything - apart from getting a good soaking whilst doing my grocery shopping on Thursday. It's July 1st tomorrow, and it looks and feels like October. Vile.

I haven't abandoned the other two blogs, in case anyone's wondering. I need to retrieve a few more Gower images from various discs, and I also need to get off my big, fat, lazy bum and do some research for the history blog. I just feel so uninspired, when the weather's so hateful. I might do a short article for the history blog, about Dylan Thomas and his reaction to World War II, and the damage inflicted upon Swansea. I have some material on that, in a couple of biographies, so that might be worth knocking together into an article, until I can lose this fit of combined apathy and ennui, and research something more substantial.

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