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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Leo update

He's shown no more signs of whatever was ailing him a couple of weeks ago. After a course of anti-inflammatory pain killers, he was back to his usual busy, impish self. Which means peace only reigns supreme in this house when he's either out, or asleep.

He's currently involved in a major war with the local magpies. If he knows I'm in bed, and he wants to be let in, he climbs up onto the extenstion roof and screams outside the bedroom window. Well, yesterday, he sounded especially frantic, when he arrived home, but I assumed it was because he wanted to escape the rain. I could also hear some magpies clattering away loudly. When I raised the bedroom blind, I could hardly believe what I saw. There was Leo, poised as ever to leap onto the bedroom windowsill, as soon as I opened the window. But alongside him, were two shrieking, belligerent magpies. And when I say alongside, I literally mean right next to him. In fact, one was nipping at his tail with its beak, whilst the other was squaring up to him as if to say, don't chance it, mate, there's two of us, and we've both got sharp beaks. Then, they saw me, shrieked as if to say 'f**k!!! It's his human thing', and flew a few feet across to next door's extension roof. Hateful things. Luckily, their beaks didn't injure him, but my poor cat now has several chunks of fur sticking out of his tail, ready to drop out at any time.


Cennad said...

Hello Sian,
Good to hear Leo ok - barring magpies anyway.
Ennui and feeling wrecked seems endemic though we have a theory it is worse during the pollen season. I don't seem to get burning eyes since we left the island but the tiredness is, if anything, worse. Age, I guess.
Hope you enjoyed the tuna - I'm sure the cats could help you.
I am trying to get work done but have trouble getting focused.
Cheers, Aileni.

jams o donnell said...

It's definitely good to know teh blue meanie is okay, his corvid chums notwithstanding!

Siani said...

Yes, Leo's definitely back on form, eating me out of house and home. Little bugger he is!