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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dropped it

Dropped my laptop yesterday. I got up in a hurry from the couch, as I was desperate for a pee. I put the laptop down on the couch, and sprinted off. Or as close to a sprint as I can get. Then I heard an almighty bang. When I looked behind me, my poor laptop was on the floor, and had belly-flopped. So instead of sitting in its normal open position, the keyboard and screen had swapped positions. The damn thing was resting on the open lid, and rocking violently. I ran towards it, expecting to find a dead computer, a shattered screen and multiple parts falling off. It was still running, and didn't have a single scratch on it. How, I really don't know.

So what happened? Well, I forgot I was wearing a pair of these stupid things:

One of the sheep on my wretched slippers had caught in the Ethernet cable. Had it been my crappy old blue, NTL Ethernet cable, it would have simply popped out of the laptop. But I replaced it this weekend, as it was faulty, and kept crashing my Internet connection, hence the reason I've hardly been online. The new Ethernet cable stuck in there like it had been superglued. Which I guess is what it's supposed to do, unlike the NTL one which kept dropping out. Good news for my Internet connection, but seriously bad news for my laptop. Needless to say, I now kick off my stupid sheep slippers whenever I sit down with the laptop, just in case there's a repetition of yesterday, with a not so happy outcome.

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