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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Book located

I've located a copy of Old Gower Farmhouses and Their Families by Bernard Morris, at the University library. Anyone can use the library to read materials, and their chairs are far more comfortable than Central Library's. Not to mention, of course, the fact that they have much better refreshment facilities on the campus, an essential consideration for anyone planning a long reading/writing session. In fact, the Uni's library has a pretty fabulous local history section altogether, far better than Central Library.


Anonymous said...

Siani, I love your Gower pics - I don't comment because I feel intrusive also I can't can't dwell on the images because they carry such emotional baggage for me. My grandmother lived at Pennard on the edge of the links so I have memories going back almost seventy years. After a fit of pique at hosting probs I am rebuilding including some of my own images. As I suffer from 'site mania' there are pointers to the lot from Nexus.
An aunt(adopted) was matron of Stouthall and there was a book called, I believe, Calico Pie which covered the history of the house. On the off chance I can be of support I am
Incidentally we love your cats.

Siani said...

Thanks for your kind words, Cennad - I appreciate them. I'll keep the Gower pics blog going for now - I've got plenty more pics to upload, plus I'll be off out to get some new ones soon. Also - there'll be more cat pics over the next few weeks.