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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cow farts cause global warming

I've heard it all now. Apparently, cow farts and burps are a major contributor to global warming, and need to be brought under control. A cow, on average, produces 400 litres of methane gas per day. Sheep and goats are responsible for a fair share of global warming, too.

So how exactly does one persuade livestock not to fart? Or burp? Surely we should be looking to curtail the noxious emissions coming from our cars and industries, before trying to find ways of controlling bovine emissions? The next time you wake up to discover the city in the grip of a miasmic smog cloud, remember, it's got nothing to do with the multi-hued toxins raining down from the Corus steelworks, just across the water. It also has nothing to do with the thousands of cars that clog our city streets every day. The farmers of Gower are the true culprits, for allowing their pesky beasts to fart and burp unchecked.

Despite sounding like the kind of hot air you'd expect from the Daily Star, the cow fart menace was, in fact, exposed via a respected news source. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

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