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Friday, October 13, 2006


Oh well, so much for my planned day out. I was either going to head east, towards Porthcawl, and later, Cardiff, or I was going west, to places like Burry Port, Kidwelly, Ferryside and Carmarthen. But it seems I have some kind of cold or flu virus threatening to break out.

I've felt weird for days. I almost fainted in the bath on Sunday, and had to get out fast. I have a tight, wheezy chest, an itchy nose, a sore throat and a very fuzzy head. Not to mention even more aches and pains than usual. I wish the poxy thing would break, do its thing, and leave me alone. But it just keeps buzzing beneath the surface. Oh well, If I feel any better tomorrow, I might head somewhere local. But not Rhossili. As much as I love the place, I have more than enough pics of it, now.


The Pig's Lip said...

aw - can one really have enough pics of rhossili.
btw (again) Stella saw you what must have been just after that curious cat incident. Sounds well dodgy.

Siani said...

Yeah, I saw Stella, too. I tried to give her a great big smile, but only managed a feeble one, because my back had locked up, and I was in so much pain at the time, I was scared I wouldn't be able to make it back home. I wish they had new backs going cheap on eBay.

I think I just need a change of scenery. Whenever I have a day out, I ALWAYS go to Rhossili. I love the place, but I want some new pics of new places.