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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rhossili Fungi - and no fun guy

Had to go to the godforsaken PDSA again this morning. They do fabulous work there, but it's such a pain to get to without a car. I was there last week with my cat, Liberty, when I had that scary incident involving the creepy guy. This morning, I had to take my tomcat, Leo. What a performance. He's never been on a bus before, so he screamed all the way there. He kept hanging his mouth open, poking his tongue out and panting, whilst making a weird 'heh heh' noise, and peed himself into the bargain. When we got there, he legged it from the vet, despite only being able to walk on three paws, and hid under the sink unit, so she had to chase him around to get him back. He had two jabs, an antibiotic and a painkiller, and proceeded to howl all the way home as well. The fact that old ladies kept peeking at him didn't help, either.

I was home around 11, so having a day ticket burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to head for Rhossili. First of all, I went to the post office to post a video of last night's Boy George documentary, to my online friend, Carlo, in Italy, who's a big fan. Personally, I hate the vile, nasty creature, and think he should be called George O'Dowdy these days, rather than George O'Dowd. Eeeew! Talk about a guy who's well past his sell-by date. After posting the video, I bought some food from the chippie but couldn't eat much of it, and threw most of it away. Then I got a bus into town, and pottered around there for a while, before getting the 13.10 118 service to Rhossili.

The skies were really overcast and ominous-looking, during the outward journey. However, by the time the bus reached Rhossili, it was sunny, although some mist still clung around the bay. The sheep didn't seem to mind, though. I guess they don't do much photography.

When I spotted this ewe, I thought to myself, 'yes, madam, well may you lower your head, if you're the one responsible for ALL those turds'. That's my only gripe with Rhossili at this time of year - sheep dung everywhere. It stinks.

I know I posted a similar pic to this one on my last entry, but I love the autumn colours, especially in contrast with the baby blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Despite the autumnal look, and the stiff breeze, the cliffs were alive with butterflies. Alas, they fluttered past so quickly, I had no time to get any pics. I also saw some stonechats, and was surprised to discover they have a pretty song, as well as their usual, rather harsh, clicking, chattering noises. They, too, flew away before I could zoom in on them. I had to make do, instead, with snapping these fields full of crops, all brassicas, by the look of it. I think the yellow-flowering crop is either some kind of kale or mustard. The next pic shows cabbages of some sort - I even wondered if the taller variety could be Brussels Sprouts. But I'm no vegetable grower, so I really don't have a clue.

I found this wild plant growing where some gorse had been chopped down. Does anyone know what it is? Is it edible? It almost looks good enough to stick in a mixed salad.

I eventually ended up by the old Coastguard hut, overlooking the Worm. It started to cloud over again, and looked like rain for a while, but thankfully, the threat proved empty.

On the way back, I noticed several sheep greeting each other in passing, by lightly butting heads. There was no aggression, just a gentle bumping of foreheads, which I think is really sweet. But as ever, I didn't have my camera ready to capture it.

I soon forgot about sheep social rituals, when I spotted the mass of fungi growing on the cliffs, which I had somehow missed on the way down to the Worm.

This one was huge, at least the size of a tea plate. Why it was uprooted, I have no idea. I'd have loved to have seen it growing in situ.

I have no idea what any of these are called, or how lethal they might be, but they're very pretty.

When I got home, I discovered my cat, Leo, is now walking quite happily on all four paws, once again, so the jabs have obviously done something for him. Unfortunately, he's back to his usual evil, biting self, instead of the soppy, cuddly boy he was for the two days his paw was poorly. Oh well, such is life ...

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