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Friday, May 01, 2009

Wally of the Week: Wayne

My cousin, Wayne, can be a bit of a wally on times. He managed to have two minor accidents in two days, whilst doing his delivery job. But that's not why he's a wally. They were the kind of minor scrapes anyone can end up getting, where no-one is especially to blame.

Yesterday, I had a hysterical phone call from him. 'I'm going to get the sack. I crashed the van again. The damage is bad this time. I'm in big trouble'. Anyway, my highly strung stress merchant of a cousin had what he described as a minor scrape with an overhanging tree branch, whilst making room for another driver to get by. When he arrived at his next destination, he discovered a massive, long gouge running along the side of the cab, near the roof, with strips of twisted metal hanging off. He couldn't understand why the damage was so bad, as he'd only felt a little jolt.

There was no-one to report his scrape to when he got back to the depot, as the administration department had closed for the day. He filled in all the paperwork this morning, and deposited it with the relevant personnel, and then went about his daily duties. So why is he a wally? I hear you ask.

The reason why Wayne is a wally, is because he failed to notice that the van was already damaged when he took it from the depot. The big scrape occurred when another driver was at the wheel. Because it's only cosmetic damage, the van is still roadworthy, and has yet to be repaired. The idiot took the blame for pre-existing damage. Wally of the Week, or what?

1 comment:

LadyBanana said...

Oh least he wasn't hurt!

I have photos of a nasty tree accident on my blog which happened today..