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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Do you like to play online games? I'm not a big fan of action games or shoot 'em ups, but I really enjoy trivia quizzes. I like the fact that I can kill a few minutes, without getting sucked into a long game. Unfortunately, a lot of the trivia games around are American. Not that there's anything wrong with American. But often, such trivia quizzes contain questions about US-specific trivia - and as a Brit, I end up frustrated at not knowing the answers.

Recently, I was lucky enough to discover a new British trivia games website, It has numerous trivia quizzes on there, about subjects ranging from Eastenders to Elvis. There are history quizzes, and a chance to show off your geography trivia knowledge. Better still, you can win crowns, and cash. Crowns give you the chance to enter various draws and win weekly cash prizes. Draws include Triviala, Jackpot, Quickfire and Question of the Day.

The site is free to use, and you can even create your own quizzes there. You can also create and customise an avatar to represent you on the site, or upload your own image, to add to your profile. You won't find rapid-fire video games, but the trivia buff will find lots to keep them amused. Another plus is the fact that the site loads quickly and runs smoothly, unlike a lot of the bigger games sites.



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