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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Strange person

I've not been able to sleep all night, mainly because Jake's been scratching and whining at the back door. Every time I tried to let him out, he backed away from the door in terror. I just assumed he'd had another major fight with Leo, and that my evil cat was the source of his fear.

About an hour ago, there was a rapping on my back door, and the dog began to bark furiously. I heard a raspy voice calling 'help me, help me'. Fearing one of my neighbours was hurt, I opened the door just a crack, keeping it on the chain. Jake whimpered, and ran away. Liberty, who had come to see what all the fuss was about, puffed up her tail, hissed, and ran away.

To my utter shock and horror, there was a weird little man, about a metre tall, standing outside the door. I've never seen anyone like that in my life. He was dressed in a red shirt, green trousers, and heavy black boots. He had long, wispy, auburn hair, and a goatee beard, with a curious, long, hooked nose. I was about to slam the door shut, when he asked me to help him again, held out a strange-looking metal jug, and said 'H20'. I assumed he meant water.

This presented me with a dilemma. What should I do? There was something very, very peculiar about this little man, which made me scared to refuse his request. Yet if I was to grant his request, it meant taking the chain off the door and sticking my hand outside, to take his jug. I decided to risk it, and unchain the door. Just as I did so, I realised there was a peculiar object in the sky, giving off green and purple flashes. I don't quite know how to describe what happened next, for fear of seeming crazy. If you're easily scared, click away now. If you want to read more, please scroll down...



jams o donnell said...

Haha Good one Siani!

LadyBanana said...

Now that would have been fun if it were for real! LOL