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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Word of caution to bloggers

Please, dear blogging friends, be careful about publicising on your blog when you're likely to be on holiday/away from home. This especially applies if, for any reason, you have posted your address online anywhere, at any time, or have posted images on your blog which allow the location of your home to be pinpointed.

Burglars have increasingly turned to blogs and social networking sites in recent years, to identify targets. I've just read a blog, where the author is away on holiday, and talked about their travel plans on their blog - and they've been burgled.

House burglars are opportunists, and are ALWAYS on the look-out for the chance to rob someone of their hard-earned possessions. Unless you and your home are utterly unidentifiable from anything posted on your blog, exercise great care about revealing when your house is likely to be empty. It only takes one thieving scumbag to work out who you are and where you live...


Liz said...

Hi Siani,

George loves horse poo. It's one of those things. You just have to be on the look-out. We haven't been able to stop him. Sometimes he'll walk by, other times it's irresistible, i'm afraid.

Younger Son is in the Institute so it's quite possible you've seen him in your bit of the world.

Had some young people from church round to tea tonight and they've only just gone. Way past my bedtime - so what am i doing blogging?!

jams o donnell said...

Very sensible Siani

LadyBanana said...

When I was burgled I thought about had I mentioned something that might have encouraged them. Had I been too open about where I live..