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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strawberries potted up!

I've potted up my strawberry plants, which were very generously donated to me by a lady called Julie, via the Swansea Freecycle group. Most of them are in temporary pots at the moment. I thought I was merely getting runners, with plantlets attached, but when I finally delved into the bag, they all had roots, and had obviously been growing in the ground. So I may well have a crop this year, provided I don't murder them.

Once they're stronger, I'll put them into strawberry towers. I had to get them planted up quickly, or they would have died. Hopefully, in a few weeks' time, they'll all be happily growing in their permanent homes.

I'll be sowing tomatoes and other salad crops in a couple of weeks. The tomatoes will be in hanging baskets, companion-planted with calendulas, and maybe some nasturtiums. Then again, nasturtiums attract blackfly, so maybe not. I'll probably plant some mixed salad leaves, of the cut and come again variety, spring onions, and possibly some spinach, beetroot, and lamb's lettuce - also known as corn salad. I may even try a cucumber or two, as I'll have my cousin around to lug the heavy stuff for me, and help me with the costs, if he's going to be munching my crops.

I must remember to stock up on stuff to murder slugs n' bugs. Organic is all well and good, but as soon as anything munches my flowers or veggies, I become a very inorganic gardener!

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