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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shallow fried fish slice

I forgot to mention, in my previous post, the rest of yesterday's saga, as I was too busy focusing on furry misdemeanours. The sandwich I made myself contained bacon. I tend to cook it in a lightly greased, non-stick pan, because it makes too much of a mess of my grill if I grill it. Anyway, after buttering another couple of slices of bread, to replace the ones Liberty licked the butter off, I slapped together my sandwich. I sat on my living room windowsill to eat it, enjoying the view over the bay.

About twenty minutes later, Jake kept walking up to the closed kitchen door, pawing at it and whimpering. I assumed he was hoping to find something else to wreck or steal, and ignored him. He kept this annoying behaviour up for the next twenty five minutes or so, becoming more and more frantic. I finally got off my backside, and headed to the kitchen, to wash up my plate and pan.

I should have listened to Jake. When I opened the kitchen door, I was met with a blue haze of stinky smoke. I'd forgotten to turn the gas ring off, and the frying pan had been happily sitting there ever since. Luckily, the ring was on its minimum setting. However, there was a strange white mass in the pan. I don't remember cooking an egg, I thought. Then I realised the egg had no yolk. In a not-too-distant, former life, this eggy imposter had been the white plastic handle of the fish slice I'd left in the pan, after scooping out my rashers.

Maybe it's just as well Wayne's coming to stay for a few weeks. I'm clearly not safe to be left home alone. I think I must now officially be a 'woman of a certain age', hence the forgetfulness, and attention span of a guppy. Help!


Dragonstar said...

Ooo, that could have been nasty! Never mind your age, blame the children -er - pets. How can you concentrate with all that going on?

Actually, top marks to Jake for realising there was something wrong!

Siani said...

I really don't know what's wrong with me these days. It was only the other night that I left the oven on all night. As they say around here, "my cowin' 'ead's in the shed, mwsh".

Liz said...

oh my! Good for Jake1