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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My new corner group arrived yesterday. It's so comfortable, I've barely moved off it since. I even slept on it last night, as it's comfier than my bed. In fact, it's so comfy, Jake's only left it a couple of times, to eat, drink and go out to the toilet. Can't get Liberty off it, either. The thing is huge - it could easily seat six or seven people. Yet it takes up far less room than my old three piece, so I've got tons of space. It also arrived with a large, matching pouffe. It had been here a couple of hours, when I spotted hinges on the pouffe. Storage! I opened it up and found a perfect space to store my extensive yarn stash and other craft-y bits. I'm trying to peel myself off the comfiest furniture I've ever owned, and make myself something to eat.

My cousin arrived yesterday, and promptly departed again, leaving me to care for Henry the hamster, as well as my own menagerie. He's gone back to London to clean up his flat and bring his last few bits down. My place looks like a bomb's hit it. The 'few basic bits' he said he'd be bringing to my place, have utterly crammed up my dining room. Oh, and he left me with instructions to wash his work uniform, the cheeky sod! We'll see about that. I think he's returning either today or tomorrow. Whatever day it is, I'll probably still be glued to my new sofa.

1 comment:

LadyBanana said...

Sounds lovely...

Hope the kitties don't get their claws into it. Mabel has done that here several times!