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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Little Devil!

It seems I've acquired a wicked little imp of a dog. He's gradually learning (though not fast enough) that chasing cats is not a good idea. Young Jake was rather shocked to discover that cats will stand their ground and fight back when chased by a cheeky little Shih Tzu. So he's slowly learning a bit of respect. He usually leaves them alone altogether once he's had a walk and a run around the park.

Jake will chase anything that moves, especially the birds and squirrels in the park. Luckily, he's no good at catching any of them. Having short, stumpy legs and disproportionately large paws, tends to leave a little dog at a disadvantage when chasing prey.

On our way back from the park yesterday, Jake found a rolled up paper bag from one of the local bakeries. Foolishly, I let him pick it up and carry it home. He refused to surrender it when we got home, and growled at me when I tried to take it. As he sat on the lawn trying to eat the bag, I stood on one end of it and told him to shut up as he growled again. He did, and dropped the bag. I was able to remove it with no further issues.

Since the bag incident, I've been working to let him know who's boss. He's not allowed on the furniture or in the bedroom, and he has to wait for me to walk through doorways first. I'm pretty sure that he's already learning that I'm his boss, and not vice versa. I will not be ruled by a dog, however cute he looks.

Overall though, I can't complain. He asks to go out for a pee, doesn't chew things, makes very little noise, and is always friendly and affectionate - except, perhaps, when he has a rolled-up paper bag in his jaws. He's also happy to be groomed, and let me cut a few matted bits out of his fur without protest. I'm going to introduce him to public transport soon, so that he's at ease on buses. I hope to take him to Rhossili and a few other places once the warmer weather comes, plus he'll be off to the PDSA soon, to be neutered. I think I've been lucky and got myself a good little furry friend!


LadyBanana said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with Jake!

Good that you are showing him who is boss right from the start, don't want him to become one of those naughty dogs that you see sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I think we both said something about character.
It does sound as though you have been lucky with this one.
I can't be sure I want to take the risk again. Badger was hell when young.

Dragonstar said...

Small dog, HUGE character! He's bound to test his limits, as all children do, but he's obviously a quick learner with a nice nature. You've a load of fun ahead of you!