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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dog tales again

You won't believe this, but I nearly ended up with two dogs. I was called again yesterday by Llys Nini animal shelter, to say little Tipsy probably is safe with cats. I was very tempted to keep the booking on her, as she's such a sweet dog. But I had to say no, not just because Jacob had already arrived, but because I couldn't take a chance with Liberty's safety. I just feel I've been told too many conflicting things about her, to know what to do for the best. I felt horrid, as I really like little Tipsy, but Liberty's 15, and has days now where she's not too energetic. I don't think she could outrun a terrier hellbent on harm, and too many seeds of doubt have been sown in my head by differing opinions at the shelter as to Tipsy's suitability with cats. Hopefully, she will find a good, caring home very soon, as she's so adorable. Had I not had the cats, I would have probably taken her as well as Jacob.

Everything happened so quickly with Jacob, my new little Shih Tzu. I spoke to my friend at around 8.30 on Tuesday night, having been told, around 5.00 that evening, that Tipsy wasn't good with cats. I told her about the phone call I'd had from the RSPCA, and she told me about Jacob. After making contact with the people caring for him, he was with me by 9.45 that night. I'd been assured by my friend, and others, that he was a good dog, and he certainly is.

My home is a bit of a war zone at the moment, though. Leo is being especially vile to Jacob, spitting, growling and attacking him. I also caught him chasing the dog around the garden. So, Jacob's had enough, and now growls whenever he sees Leo. But the dog then made a mistake of trying to give Liberty a hard time, and much to my surprise, she chased him around the flat, and gave him a couple of smacks. However, he seems to have accepted he was out of line, and is now behaving himself with her, and she seems to be holding no grudges.

I'm surprised at how quickly he settled. He's clean in the house, quiet at night, very good natured, and incredibly affectionate. He likes to roll over and expose his belly to get tummy rubs, and loves playing with toys. His previous owner no longer had time for him, due to work commitments, and he went to live with someone else for a few weeks. But he was sharing a home with three kids, two Rottweiler guard dogs and some other animals. The people who gave him to me, wanted to find a home for him where he could have more attention than they could offer him. He's obviously only known kindness, is in great shape, and someone has done a lot of good groundwork with him, because he's very obedient.

He's also quite mischievous. I told him off for chasing Liberty, and wagged a finger in his face. He promptly swatted my finger with his paw, the little devil. There was a funny episode earlier, when he decided to start humping my cousin, Wayne, but a quick play session and walk soon got those thoughts out of his head. I've also booked him into the PDSA to be castrated - the dog, not Wayne. All in all, he's a lovely little dog - and I'm about to charge those camera batteries up so you can get a look at him.


Daisy said...

I think you made a good decision, because it would be a tragedy if Tipsy hurt Liberty. It sounds like you have Jacob scheduled for his neutering just in time! I'm glad he is settling in so well.

Anonymous said...

I think you made the right choice though I fell for Tipsy even at this distance. Jacob seems a great character.
Yes, pictures please.

Dragonstar said...

Jacob sounds a regular character! You're going to have a great time with him.