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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doggy shocks and surprises

Yesterday brought all sorts of news on the doggy front. I was gutted when the RSPCA called to say they feared the little dog I wanted to adopt could pose a danger to my cats. Apparently, when I booked her, someone had missed the fact that her original owner had informed them that she wasn't safe around cats. They asked me to think things over and let them know tomorrow, whether I want to still go ahead with the adoption.

In the meantime, my friend called to ask if I wanted a little Shih Tzu, and gave me the contact details of the people seeking to re-home him. Within an hour of speaking to them, the dog was delivered to me, and they didn't ask a penny for him - Shih Tzus are usually around £350-550. He's gold and white, 18 months old, playful, and seems well-behaved and affectionate. He's already settled in, and is now fast asleep. As soon as my camera battteries are charged, I'll take and post some pics. He's lovely, like a little white and gold teddy bear :). Oh - and I've named him Jacob.


Anonymous said...

Meri is just Googling - I think this is an occasion for 'cute', a word I am not given to using.
A very apt day for a new start. Much luck with Jacob.
It looks rather as if we shall get another dog... maybe.

Daisy said...

Sometimes things work out just the way they are meant to. Jacob sounds like a wonderful dog. I can't wait to see photos!

LadyBanana said...

Oh wow!

One minute upset by the RSPCA news then good news about Jacob.. how lovely.

I hope the other little fella gets a good home with no cats soon..

Look forward to seeing photos :)

jams o donnell said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of Jacob! Happy New Year Siani

Dragonstar said...

What a wonderful stroke of luck for you! Oh, how I wish someone would do that for me. I'm feeling severe dog-deprivation at the moment. Ah well...
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi, ac i bawb yn y ty.