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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ugly v. Pretty

No, don't worry, I'm not writing about a court case! I just took Alfie for another walk, taking my camera along too. I managed to grab a few shots of some of the worst and best sights in my neighbourhood. Let's start off with the ugly sights. Here's the hideous blue wall I described in my previous post. Lovely, eh?

Here's the crack pipe or bong I came across earlier. It had moved from its original position, so someone had either picked it up or kicked it. I just hope no kids have been playing with it.

Just along from the discarded drug paraphernalia, I took this shot. Hard to believe this was taken in a city, isn't it?

I took this next shot through some trees and a fence. Sadly, it's too hazy today to see the bay clearly.

I absolutely love this big old tree. It doesn't look too interesting from a distance, but get a little closer, and it has a few interesting features.

The whole trunk is covered with these twisting vines. I'm not sure what they are - ivy, probably. There also seems to be some kind of parasitic plant living on the tree too - mistletoe?

Several nests sit amongst the uppermost branches. I suspect they're jackdaw or magpie nests.

When I got closer to the tree, I spotted this huge fungus growing on it. It was about 50% bigger than the average dinner plate. Any idea what it is? Sorry the picture's not very clear - I used the zoom and had to contend with a yapping, bouncing dog at the same time.

I took this shot looking towards the bay, but yet again, the haze hid the bay from my lens.

Here's my favourite shot of the day. These pretty white flowers are bramble blossom. You can also see some unripe, green blackberries nestling amongst the flowers.

Oh well, I hope the later shots made up for the ugliness of the first two.


Dragonstar said...

That's a really beautiful shot of the bramble flowers! It almost makes it look like spring again.

Anonymous said...

In the Terrace Rd. shot, up to the right, there is a three/four story house that we nearly went to live in.
In the final pic of the Civic tower I think the big house is the old Manse where the mayor lived. I fso the modern house in the forground are built where I was born.
There was a lot less two legged dross about then.
I agree with Meri about the blackbery flowers.

Jeremy said...

Lovely shots, and amazing how beauty can exist cheek-by-jowl with ugliness.
I don`t know what the fungus is (not much of a fungi guy), but those look like Rooks` nests in the treetops (Jackdaws normally nest in tree-holes or on cliffs, and Magpies singly in big domed nests).
Another place to walk your dog might be the hill above the Hendrefoelan Student Village (not sure what it`s called). I was up there this evening, and had cracking views of Swansea Bay to the south, Gower to the west, and the Burry Inlet to the north-west. And a great sunset to boot. Lovely!

babooshka said...

I often take a walk through the nature resreve here to photograph the beautiful and end up with the ugly discarded side of life. Wll doen for highlighting there are scumbags in your part of the word too, along with the beauty.

jams o donnell said...

They certainly do Siani

Mr Speckler said...

Hi, Hope you don't mind me adding a comment to an older post. Hope you see it. Just found your blog and really like it. I like the way that you see the beauty around you, more pics please.

Also like your affinity with your puppy. Aw shaddup! I have a seventeen year old puppy, as well as two younger ones.

Nice one, take care.