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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Drugs and anti-social behaviour

I'm getting more than just a little fed up of the druggies and anti-social vandals in my neighbourhood. I took Alfie out for a walk earlier along some of the nice, quiet lanes near my house, before taking him in to the quarry for a runaround. Quarrying was long abandoned there, and the site was allowed to return to nature, before it became a local community and wildlife park.

Here are some of the not so lovely sights I came across. In the lane, I spotted a plastic pop bottle, with a pipe leading out of it, and a nozzle at the end of the pipe. I dragged Alfie away when he tried to sniff it, because it was a home-made crack pipe. Nice.

The lovely old stone wall in an adjacent lane has been attacked by vandals. Part of the wall has been sprayed a hideous shade of bright blue, and there are also several bright blue tags all along the wall. I normally love blue, but not that shade, and not when it assumes the form of criminal damage.

Anyway, on the way back, I took Alfie into the quarry. Although there are houses nearby, the quarry can be a little creepy. When I took the dog there about a month ago, I came across a carload of junkies injecting themselves. Double nice.

Today, there were no druggies there, but the poor old lady who lives next door to the quarry walked out through her gate as I approached, and discovered that some charmer had smashed the rear window of her car. When I reached the nice, flat grassy area that Alfie likes to run around, several of the trees surrounding it had been daubed with graffiti. As for the nice grassy area - it was scarred by the tracks of an off-road motorcycle.

What's wrong with people? Why do they need to fill their systems with poison? Why can't they simply get a high from walking outside on a nice sunny morning, hearing the birds singing, and smelling the sweet scents of the hedgerows? We're so lucky to have a great big patch of countryside just a kilometre or so from the city centre. Yet it's hard to enjoy it when the bushes are crawling with junkies and dealers, and you have to watch your step for fear of treading on discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia. As for the spray-painting vandals - why do they want to deface and destroy? What ever happened to kids who loved to create?

Apologies if I sound like a p*ssed off, grumpy old trout today - it's because I AM a p*ssed off, grumpy old trout! I wonder how those little gits would feel if I spray-painted THEM neon blue and shoved their crack pipes where the sun doesn't shine?

1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

That kind of stuff makes any normal person feel grumpy! I have no positive thoughts to offer today - I've no idea how to put things right. In those famous words - I wouldn't start from here!