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Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Esposito interview

Okay, come on, admit it. How many of you out there used to mime and pose to your favorite songs when you were kids? And how many of you would do this in front of your bedroom mirrors, clutching hair brushes as make-believe microphones? I know I certainly used to. But have you ever really wondered why some people go on to become pop stars, and why the rest of us leave our dreams in front of the bedroom mirror?

I was exploring some of the material on YouTube recently, and came across a video featuring an interview with John Esposito, CEO of one of the biggest record labels in the world, WEA - Warner, Electra, Atlantic. In it, he discusses what the major labels look for in an artist, before they'll sign them. Interestingly, they're not looking for absolute perfection, or artists at their peak. But they do look for a unique talent, upon which to base their assessment of an artist's potential, and like the artists they sign to have a special something that makes them stand above the rest. John Esposito mentioned how Madonna's tenacity was her biggest asset in getting her first record deal. He didn't mention whether an artist's 'special something' had to be musical talent, or something else that had the potential to grab the music-buying public's attention.

The interview offers a brief but interesting insight into how certain aspects of the music industry work. Check it out for yourself.


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