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Sunday, August 31, 2008

More from the doghouse

Well, Alfie decided to fall asleep in the bathroom yesterday evening, so I left the door open, put his bed in the passageway just outside, and then closed the door between the passageway and kitchen. I didn't hear a peep out of him all night. In fact, I got up to go to the bathroom around 3 AM, and had to step over him to get to the loo. He snored the whole time, totally unaware I was there. I got up quite late for me, around 09.15, and he was snoring in his bed. I'm a light sleeper and didn't hear anything, so there's no way the woman downstairs can have, either.

I've also introduced a few changes with Alfie. He's been running me ragged, demanding five walks a day, and I'm not talking gentle little strolls up and down the street. So, I've secured the raised patio area outside my back door with netting and trellis, so that he can't fall down the steps or through the railings, and he's now quite happy to pad around out there, instead of going for walks all the time. I'm very happy to take him for two or three good strolls a day, but I refuse to do five. He's not a one year old Rottweiler, so he doesn't need all that exercise. In fact, I think he may be harming himself at his age. That said, his back legs are definitely starting to grow stronger.

I'm now keeping him at the back of the flat, which is far easier to air and rid of doggy whiffs. He actually has more room to move down there, anyway. Because of the stairs, I've had to fit a baby gate over the living room door, so he was more or less restricted to one room when at home. He seems happier at the back of the house, because he can also wander in and out if the back door's open. Plus, it means fewer accidents indoors, and any accidents that do occur, can simply be mopped up, as there's no carpet at the back.

Anyway, I took Alfie on the bus for the first time yesterday. He barked a bit, but not too much. I took him for a walk along the front at Langland, where we met a very amorous gay terrier, who tried to do rude things to Alfie. My boy wasn't best pleased, and growled a lot. Back at the bus station, I had to pick him up and run onto a bus, to escape some skank's unruly Staffordshire bull terrier. But apart from lusty terriers and thuggish Staffies, I think he had a nice day.


LadyBanana said...

Wow, he's certainly keeping you busy!

I'd not have enough time or energy to keep up..

Dragonstar said...

Oh yes, seems like he's settling in very nicely. Sounds as if his adventure was a good one(mostly!) I think that's one doggy who really can't believe his luck!

Anonymous said...

She can't be unreasonable about that arrangement, surely.

Siani said...

Thanks for the comments, all. I'm trying to catch up on my blog visits and comments at the moment.

Well, we've just come back from walk no. 2, and she hasn't flown at me today, Aileni, so it seems she wasn't disturbed last night. Sadly, she is a lady who is hypersensitive to all sorts of noise. I've done my best to respect the fact, e.g. when I listen to my beloved Metallica, it's via headphones, I don't have late night callers or parties, I don't roll home at 3 AM the worse for drink and/or drugs, so really, she's lucky. It's the only time she's ever heard overnight noise from this flat, in the ten and a half years since I've been here - and she's going to report me. I'm disappointed in her, because I thought she and I were friends.

For what it's worth, I think the housing association will realise I'm doing all I can to avoid disturbing her. Quite frankly, I don't care now if she does report me. I've lived through some very scary events in my life, more than one of them having been life-threatening, so a complaint to the housing about a problem that's resolved? I'll live!

John said...

One of my two has been demanding five walks a day as well... Fortunately the other one is quite happy with just the one.

Boredom is often the cause, so now he can see what is going on in the great big world, he may well settle down.

A good Housing Association official will try to conciliate rather than come down all heavy. - Its hard to see how they could see one little dog that you are doing your best to avoid letting annoy your neighbour as a cause for threatening eviction.

The reality is, also, that to evict anybody, they have to get a court order. Will they actually go to that trouble and expense over something like this? They are in serious need of finding something to do wih their lives if they go that far...

If push comes to shove, there are usually free or cheap legal advice centres which could take up your case, and again that might be enough to calm the HA down.