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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just had an unpleasant encounter with my downstairs neighbour. The dog's been keeping her awake at night by scratching, and thumping his feet on the floor. So she's reporting me to the housing association and wants the dog gone. I've explained that he's seeing the vet again on Monday, and that I'll restrict him to the back of the flat at night, where she hopefully shouldn't hear him, but she won't listen.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand her being fed up, as he's waking her up. But the dog's only been here four days, and the problem is receiving veterinary attention. I just think she's jumping the gun a bit by making an official complaint. Especially as I've lived here over 10 years, and not had so much as a dinner party here, yet alone caused any noise. Sorry, fed up, whinge over.


Dragonstar said...

That's such a shame! A dog is bound to take time to settle in, particularly when he's had such a change. Has your neighbour met Alfie? Maybe his sweet face would win her over. I hope it all works out for you.

Daisy said...

She sounds like a big meany!

LadyBanana said...

That's really mean of her to make such a fuss, it's still early days!

John said...

Depends on the Housing Association. I lived in a Housing Association flat for ten years, with eventually two dogs and two cats. The "retired" witch (black magic variety) living in the flat below ( her black magic presumably having failed, possibly due to lack of practice) complained to the H.A. The chap came to see me, but after some of my fresh coffee, assured me that "most of the dogs living in our properties are better than the people."

And I never heard any more about it. So try coffee, or chocolate....

jams o donnell said...

What a miserable neighbour. Perhaps Alfie will show affection to her soemtime... to her leg!

Tim said...

I used to live in a flat some years ago in Germany, where a German woman kept a Great Dane in the flat above. It used to go out in the morning - with her on a bike - yawning.. and was commonly known as Scooby Doo !
This wretched animal used to gnaw a huge bone - part of an Ox or something bigger ! It sounded as if it was rolling around on the floor above my bedroom with it in its paws, but IT WAS better than an alarm clock ! So what's your miserable sod of a neighbour moaning about...!
( Is she a Baptist ? ) tell her you've made a mistake and you're going to get a Great Dane or one of those Newfoundland water dogs to help the RNLI..!

P.S. Are you still an apprentice curmudgeon ?

Siani said...

Thanks, folks. I was just startled, after ten and half years of being here, and of being pretty friendly with her, to have her turn so suddenly. I can understand her being peed off, but to be so horrid about it - I'm disappointed. I've been a good neighbour to her. Considering I was only just in my thirties when I moved here, I could have been having wild parties every night, but I respected her right to quiet. Sometimes, I feel I've lived the life of an old biddy for the last ten years!

I guess she'll soon realise I'm trying my damnedest not to disturb her. Hopefully, this will blow over soon, because despite being annoyed right now, I like her! She's just a little too authoritarian for me sometimes.

Yes, Tim, I'm still an apprentice curmudgeon. I think I may try switching apprenticeships, as I really don't want to become a fully fledged curmudgeon. My neighbour's lucky. I originally wanted a Staffie, but I don't trust them with other animals, so I chose a harmless little Cavalier King Charles in need of lots of TLC instead.

Liz said...

How mean! She didn't need to do that so soon. Let's hope for Alfie's sake that his problem is sorted soon.