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Monday, August 11, 2008

Manatee in Pembrokeshire?

There's been a possible sighting of a manatee in Pembrokeshire, in West Wales. A woman saw a strange creature on the slipway at Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock, which fits the description of a manatee, or sea-cow. The creatures are usually found in the Caribbean, and in West African waters. Francis Bunker, a Pembrokeshire-based marine biologist, says a manatee could easily have been carried to the Pembrokeshire coast by the Gulf Stream. I wonder if it will make its way south to Gower, or Swansea Bay? I'd love to see one of those huge, but apparently harmless creatures. There's more about this story over at Phantoms and Monsters.


Sue said...

Now THAT is just bizarro!!! I have only ever seen them in Florida, and I'd figure it would be way to cold for them up in your neck of the woods!

varuna said...

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Dragonstar said...

Now that would be something!

Gwil said...


Yes this is very ineresting.
Is it a Mannatee or is it the Milford Monster seen in 2003? Or is something else like a strange seal or even a bizare mermaid. I found a history of weirdness in the area which I note in my posts.