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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hero of the Week


I've decided to give this post a bump. I'd really like to get this meme off the ground, but no-one else seems interested. Boo! Sob! Anyway, here's the info again.

I've been inspired to start a new meme. The basic premise of Hero of the Week, is that once a week, on Thursday, participants nominate someone as their Hero of the Week. It can be anyone, and for any reason. Maybe your sporting hero set a new record. Perhaps your partner did something really special for you. Or perhaps someone in your local community achieved something amazing. The choice is yours. Your hero doesn't even have to be human! It could be your pet, or an animal you've read about, that did something incredible. Hopefully, this scheme will give you lots of scope.

Would you like to join me? I really hope so. All you have to do is snag the above image, and place it somewhere in your post about your nominated hero. I'd also really appreciate a link to this blog. I hope some of you will join in and make me feel important :).

1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

Siani, it took me nearly three weeks to post one award! Thank you so much for calling me lovely!